About the Author


Hi! My name is Marina, I like coffee, Steven Spielberg, and the earth. My love story with the earth began in 2016 when I gave up dairy in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint. This ended up being the start of a huge change in my life. I started noticing so many other ways my choices were negatively affecting the earth. So recently I have decided to learn more about these choices and how I can start to change them! I’m not ready to fully commit to being waste free, vegan, or 100% sustainable in my life practices. But I still want to do my part, however small it may be. Through these blog posts I’ll attempt to share with you what I’m learning, and how I am slowly changing my life to be more eco-friendly. Hopefully I can make it easier for you to do the same! Want to say hi? You can contact me here!



About dōt


This blog is made to help you find super simple ways to love yourself, others, and the earth in your everyday life (to dote on the earth, if you will). As I said above, this blog is my way of sharing my personal earth-loving journey with you and I hope this can be a place where you can share with me as well. Simply put, dōt is a community of people looking to love better, however that may look for you. And, in turn, encourage each other to do the same.


My Philosophy


In my opinion, humans are not meant to be completely waste free and sustainable creatures. We are meant to take care of this earth and, therefore, we have the ability to do what we wish with it. However, I think we are abusing our planet and what it has to offer us. I don’t think we all need to be hard core earth lovers, I just think we all need to contribute what we can back to our home. That’s why I started this blog, to help regular earth lovers like me implement more sustainable practices into their everyday lives. Saving the earth can be a daunting task but if we all do a small part then I have no doubt it can be done. (baby steps).