Affiliate Links


What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link will bring you to a product through a specialized link made just for me. If you decide to purchase something through that link then I will receive a small amount of commission (Usually only around 5-10%) at no extra cost to you! If you don't want me to receive commission from your purchases then all you'll have to do is either turn off your cookies or search for the product or website through a search engine instead of clicking the link in the blog post. But again, it costs nothing more for you! You'll simply buy the product just as you normally would!

Why do you use affiliate links?

Although I only just started this blog, I have big dreams for it. Someday I hope to be able to spend the majority of my time creating content and developing DIYs and recipes for you all! The more money I can make from this blog the more time I will have to focus on bettering the content and putting out more and more posts for your enjoyment!

Who do you partner with?

I will only partner with companies I already use and love. I will NEVER promote a product I would not spend my own money on/I wouldn't already tell you about. In most cases these partnerships come about because I reach out to the company, rarely ever is it the other way around. This is because if I am using a product that I want to share with you then I will reach out and ask if they would be willing to offer exclusive discounts to my readers, and usually this will result in an affiliate program as well. If a company does reach out to me then I will research them, making sure their values align with my own. And I will always try/review the products before I suggest that you use them as well. 

WHat's in it for me?

Well, a lot, actually! As I mentioned above, I always try my best to get my readers exclusive discounts or products when I'm partnering with companies. And so far I've been successful! My goal with each partnership is to support both the business and the dōt community. I want to support you in your journey to veganism/waste-free/dairy-free/just becoming a better citizen of this earth. That's why I want to offer you exclusive deals on products I believe will help you in your journey!

These affiliate links also help me further develop this blog. As I mentioned above, these links help me spend more of my time on this blog. There's lot's of new and exciting stuff coming for this blog and each time you purchase through an affiliate link it helps me develop these ideas even more!!


Thank you for supporting me in my little dream of helping the earth!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM me on Instagram @thedotblog and I will be happy to clear anything up for you!