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I care a lot about the earth, and here you can read why! From composting to thrift shopping, there’s tons of little things you can do throughout your day to make the trees a little greener, and the ocean a little bluer.




Posts about the importance of living and eating as a vegan, vegetarian, or anti-dairy individual. I’ll attempt to make this huge lifestyle change easier for you through simple tips and my personal experiences.




Traveling eco-friendly can be rough. It can be hard to offset your large carbon footprint, but I think travel is important so I’m here to help you do it in the most eco-friendly way possible! Here you’ll find vegan restaurant guides to most major cities I’ve traveled to and tips for traveling a bit more consciously.




Fast fashion has completely taken over our world. From slave labor to deforestation these posts are here to help us learn a but more about the effects of fashion and start to implement small changes in our lifestyle to make a very big difference.




All of my favorite eco-friendly recipes from dairy free to vegetarian to vegan! Find all of my go-to easy but yummy recipes here!