Reducing Waste at Lunch Hour


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Let’s talk about a certain time of day in which we all create some serious waste: Lunchtime. Whether it’s convenience, time-friendly, or lack of planning, there are tons of reasons we all use plastic items while preparing and eating our lunches.

To get a better understanding of just how much plastic we use I’m looking back on what I normally eat for lunch to see where I waste the most plastic. some of my most common meals include salads from the on campus salad bar (which means a plastic to-go container and a plastic fork) and usually, with that, I’ll either eat a snack in a plastic bag I buy on campus or vegetables I bring from home in a plastic bag. That’s three separate single-use plastic items I use almost every day. Multiply that by a 5 day work week and we’re at 15 plastic items a week! And that’s just lunch. Think about all the other times you use single-use items in a day. For me, coffee plays a large role in my waste creation. About 2-3 times a week I will make coffee at home and another 1 or 2 times I will bring a reusable mug with me to a coffee shop. so I reduce waste maybe 5 times a week, but I still create unnecessary amounts of waste the other 2-3 days of the week.

What excuse do we have to create this much waste every single week? None. We have so many options nowadays for plastic alternatives, and no one will think twice about you using your own cup at a coffee shop or your own container at the salad bar. It’s even helped me strike up conversations with people in line about the importance of using reusable items.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to reusable containers? That’s okay, neither did I. It’s hard to know what items you will need, and it's even harder to find alternatives to things like ziplock bags. So let me tell you about a few items that came in my GreenUP box this month and why I love them!

One of my favorite items included in the box was a mason jar lid created specifically for drinking coffee. The cute little lid allows you to use any mason jar you have laying around as a cup for coffee! I love this because sometimes it gets to be a little much when I have to wash my single reusable cup every morning before I get coffee. But this way all I have to do is make sure the lid is washed because I always have a surplus of mason jars!

There’s also a few very cute storage bags, one silicone baggie that looks and acts similar to a ziplock and a bag from Gogo Bags made out of organic cotton, perfect for storing sandwiches or veggies!

The box also came with a stainless steel container and some natural wood utensils - perfect for reducing my waste at the salad bar!

Eating lunch at work should never be a stressful time, that’s why I love these items I received this month - it makes my lunchtime easy and guilt free! I always love when I can have a completely waste-free meal, and these items are making it so much easier!


What are your go-to

Plastic Replacements?

How are you reducing your plastic use in your everyday routines at work, at school, or at home?


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