Reducing Waste this Holiday Season


As Thanksgiving comes to an end, the Holiday season is just getting started. Whether you’re traveling home to family, throwing parties, or gifting various things to a large family, there are tons of things you can do to reduce your environmental impact.


91% of holiday travel is done through personal vehicles, this creates tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Carpooling to and from holiday events this season can greatly reduce your effect on climate change (plus, this could give you time to get to know one of your family members a little better)!


Most holiday parties leave tons of food waste which will probably be thrown out instead of eaten for leftovers. Buying less food and shopping locally can help reduce the carbon footprint of your food before and after you eat it. You can also serve your guests less meat products and instead opt for more vegetable dishes (if they taste good no one will complain).

While you’re entertaining, consider also using reusable cutlery and plates. Putting in the extra work to clean dishes after your party can greatly reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste created during the holidays. In short, entertaining can be a great way to low key impose your love for the environment on your guests. You have total control over what they eat and what single-use items they use, so why not encourage them to be more eco-friendly, even if they don’t realize it!


I’ll be writing a post in the coming weeks all about eco-friendly gifts you can give this holiday season! But, in the meantime, let’s talk about eco-friendly gift wrapping and hostess gifts.

The best options for wrapping gifts is to gift them in items that can be resused, perhaps giving someone a small gift inside a cute makeup bag, or a larger gift inside a reusable grocery bag. Giving gifts in gift bags instead of wrapping paper is also a great option as they can be reused!

While attending Holiday parties in the next few weeks it’s nice to think about eco-friendly hostess gifts to bring. This is another time that buying locally will really come in handy. Bring the host a bottle of wine from a local winery, or a bouquet of flowers from a local farm!

You don’t need to change much about your lifestyle to have an earth friendly holiday season this year, just small changes in where and how you buy and giving gifts with a little more thought. Most people won’t even notice the changes, but if they do, it creates a great opportunity to talk to them about your lifestyle!

How Do You Plan to Reduce

Waste this Season?


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