Eco-Friendly Gift-Giving


Okay, so I’ve been struggling a bit with what to gift my friends and family this Christmas that won’t just create a bunch of waste. So I thought a bit about gifts that help create experiences and gifts that will help encourage others to try out eco-living as well! (Also, family, if you’re reading this please don’t read any further…there may be gift spoilers…instead consider reading this.) So here’s my gift-breakdown for everyone in your life:

For the activist

Make a donation on their name to a cause they really care about! Some charities even have shirts or other items you can buy and the proceeds are a donation as well. You can buy a shirt and donate a bit more in their name, that way you don’t have to just give them a piece of paper for Christmas. Another great way to donate is to sponsor an animal through WWF or Peta. This is especially fun for younger kids because they can ‘adopt’ one of their favorite animals.

For the bookworm

Sometimes, it can be super cool to receive a book from someone, especially when they’re sharing their favorite book with you! This year, consider passing on some of your own favorite stories to those who you know will love them just as much. Sometimes it can mean even more to receive an item that has already been used and loved.

For the fashion-forward

One of the best ways to help open someone up to your eco-friendly lifestyle is to gift them something they’ll love that also happens to be eco-friendly. Giving someone their new favorite shirt is a great way to encourage them to continue buying from like-minded, slow fashion companies. Here are a few of my recommendations:

one-of-a-kind, up-cycled items:

beautiful jackets and sweaters made from hemp (!!!):

eco-friendly, fair wage, comfy clothes:

lot’s of options made from sustainable materials, and even vegan options:

For the chef

Giving someone live herbs or seeds for their favorite vegetables is a great way to encourage them to live more sustainably! My mom has a small garden in our back yard which is mainly filled with many different kinds of herbs. I love cooking when I go home because there’s always so many ingredients already there! Herbs, vegetables, and fruits are three things almost all people enjoy so it’s hard to go wrong when giving these!

For the aspiring earth-lover

If you know someone who is just starting on their journey of eco-friendly living then a present from you may be just the push they need to jump straight into it! Giving them a subscription, or even just one box, from GreenUP box is a great, simple way to get a cheap, pre-curated selection of items created just for that purpose! If you aren’t into spending that much money, or want to pick out the items yourself, then perhaps you could get them reusable utensils, some bamboo straws, or a tote bag and some mesh produce bags!

…And for the sceptic

For that person in your life that is still unsure about your lifestyle, get them something useful and personal, yet eco-friendly. It’s a great way to show someone how easy it really is to be eco-friendly! A reusable coffee cup is one of the best ways to encourage someone to reduce their waste, it’s not as weird as getting them waste-free soap, but it will also cause them to think a little more about your gift.

Still looking for inspiration? I’ve put together a list of a ton of eco-friendly, vegan items I would love to receive for Christmas. And the best part? You would hardly even know any of them were eco-friendly! (Keep in mind this list was curated by a twenty-year-old girl, so the gifts will reflect that.)


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