The Importance of Thrift Shopping


Thrift shopping is often seen as a way to pass time on a Saturday afternoon, or a way to buy cheap clothes you’ll only wear once or twice. This might be true, but I see it as a wonderful way to help your wallet and the earth while shopping.

There’s no denying thrift shopping is a great way to find clothes within your budget, but how much does it really affect the environment?

Well, I did some research and what I found honestly shocked me, I knew it took a lot of water to make clothes but I had no idea it took this much! Here are just a few every day items and how much water they each produce:

Cotton Bed Sheet - 2,800 Gallons

Leather Shoes - 2,000 Gallons

Jeans - 1,800 Gallons

Cotton T-shirt - 700 Gallons

Wool Sweater - 101 Gallons

As a nice way to ease into shopping only at thrift stores, I recommend starting with the largest items, the ones that use the most water, and working your way down. This way, even if you only want to shop at thrift stores for a few items, you’ll still be making a huge difference.

Learning to use your clothes to their fullest potential before donating them will also help decrease your footprint on the environment. Instead of throwing away your nice jeans that now have a rip, try patching them up, you can even turn them into a whole new pair of pants.

Thrift shopping is a two-way street, however. We should not only shop at thrift stores, we should also donate our excess stuff. This will keep trash in landfills to a minimum. Even if you think your clothing is too worn out for the thrift shop to expect, it most likely isn’t. Most Goodwills will accept old, torn clothing, simply put it in a separate bag labeled “Salvage clothing” and they will use all that they can and recycle the rest. Instead of throwing out that old ugly sweater, donate it to your local thrift shop, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And I, for one, will always be thankful to those of you who donate your old sweaters, those things are all I wear in the winter.

What is your main

motivation for shopping at

thrift stores?

I’d love to hear about all the reasons to feel good about shopping at thrift stores!


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