The Birds and The Bees


Here you will find a collection of diy activities to help the birds and the bees thrive in your backyard. All you need to make these bird feeders is some peanut butter, bird seed, string, and either an orange or grapefruit and/or a large pinecone.


1. To start, gather up some oranges and grapefruits (or really just one or two).

2. Cut the fruit in half and remove the fruit inside. Set the fruit aside to enjoy at a later time.


3. Using a pointy object, stab two holes directly across from each other toward the top of the rind (I used a small knife and it worked out pretty well). Then string some twine or ribbon through each of the holes, making sure it seems sturdy.

4. To make the filling mix equal parts peanut butter and rolled oats then add in any other nuts and seeds you wish, or pre-made birdseed. I used ½ cup peanut butter, ½ cup oats, and handful of nuts and seeds I had in my kitchen. (Sunflower seeds and peanuts will attract the most birds).   

5. Once the mixture is thoroughly mixed, use a spoon or your hands to place a large amount in each half orange or grapefruit.

6. Use the string to tie the bird feeder to a tree.



Pinecone and peanut butter bird feeder

1. First, tie the string or ribbon securely around the pine cone, one on both the top and the bottom if you want to connect multiple pinecones.

2. Then, thinly spread the peanut butter over the whole pinecone, careful to spread it on the inside, over each “leaf” of the pinecone.

3. Pour some bird seed into a large bowl or pan and roll the pinecone around in it. (As I said above, any array of seeds, oats, or nuts you have laying around can be used to make your own bird seed). Carefully press the seed onto the peanut butter if they are not sticking on their own. Repeat these steps to make as many pinecones as you want.

4. When you’re finished hang them up in a tree in your backyard and watch the birds start to come!

Making a bee bath

Why: Bees need shallow places to drink fresh water without the fear of drowning.

How: Place a few rocks and sticks in a shallow bin of water and place it in your garden or on your porch. Make sure it will be easy for bees to find, but far enough away from human activity.

And now a list of flowers to encourage bees not to die -

  • Sunflowers

  • Blue Giant Hyssop

  • Asters

  • Coneflowers

  • Wild Lilac

  • California Poppy

  • Globe Thistles

  • Forget-me-not


How'd it go?

Let me know about the cute animals that showed up for your new feeders & baths in the comments below.