5 Things That Convinced me to go Dairy-free


Clear Skin 

Many studies have shown that dairy causes breakouts, inflammation, and even aging. The main reason for this is the hormones in the cows. Dairy milk has to come from a recently pregnant cow meaning the milk itself is filled with hormones that cause acne in humans.


The raising of dairy cows leads to air pollution because of the poor handling of the manure and the processing of milk. Dairy farms also lead to pollution in our waterways and emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

It’s Meant for Calves

Cows and humans both raise their young on milk filled with nutrients the respective baby needs, however, once we stop drinking human breast milk, most humans switch over to cow’s milk. This cow’s milk is meant for the consumption of a baby cow, filled with what it needs to grow into a 2,000 pound animal. I don’t know about you but that’s not necessarily something I want to consume on a daily basis.

Cows waste our Food and Water

36% of the worlds crop calories feeds livestock, while 55% feed humans directly. This extra 36% of crops could go to humans as well, rather than feeding an animal that will ultimately produce less food for us to eat. Eating less meat and dairy will result in more food globally as well as less water used, since water is only needed to grow the plants, it won’t have to be used to keep the animals healthy as well.

Animal Rights

In order to produce milk, a dairy cow must first be impregnated and give birth. This means that dairy cows are constantly either in a state of being pregnant or being milked, they are given very little rest in between these two stages. Since the cow has to give birth, this also means that there is now an unwanted baby cow, these baby cows are most often sold off to be killed for veal or raised to produce meat, meaning these cows are only born to soon be killed.