How to be a Vegan who Eats Bacon


I’m very very close to being vegan, however, I’m not one, at least not yet. Instead, I call myself plant-based. Instead of telling you what I don’t eat, let me tell you what I do eat. My end goal is to be a vegan, however, at this point in my life I’m a vegan who eats chicken, bacon, eggs, chicken broth, and insect items such as food dye. Although I eat a lot of non-vegan foods, I eat all of these foods in moderation. Since I learned about the effects of my diet on the lives of animals, the earth, and even on myself, I have significantly decreased my consumption of animal products. I put eggs in cookies when I’m baking for a crowd of mainly non-vegan eaters, and I eat eggs some mornings when I’m looking to switch up my avocado toast, I eat chicken noodle soup when I get a cold, and, honestly, I just really, really like bacon.

Although I eat some animal products, I make sure to be very intentional on where I buy these products from. I only eat products from animals that are raised free-range, healthy, and free of antibiotics, and the companies need to be ethical as well. I am very against animal abuse and slaughterhouses, I believe that our diets have become way over saturated with meat, and as a result, animals are having to pay the consequences. I don’t think this is fair in the slightest. This is why I do my research to find the best meat and egg companies to support through my purchases.

My main reason for eating less animal products is to help the environment, this is why I don’t eat any cow or lamb products and I eat less of every other animal product than I did before. I’m not yet ready to be vegan because I know that once I commit to fully being a vegan, I’m never going to go back. I’m honestly just not ready to give up certain animal products, but I’m not going to let that stop me from helping the environment.

Don’t let bacon stop you from being a vegan, just be a vegan who eats bacon. Or a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy but still eats eggs and the occasional slice of pizza. The point is you can still make a huge difference without becoming a vegan. Don’t just keep eating meat because you aren’t ready to give up turkey, stop eating every other kind of meat and eat turkey less often. No one ever said you can’t be part vegan. Just tell people you’re plant-based; no one really knows what it means so no one will question your slightly strange (but still heckin' cool) diet choices.