How to Make Oat Milk Lattes in a French Press


Making coffee that tastes as amazing as your local coffee shop may sound like a hard task to tackle, but believe me it’s way easier than you think. All you need is some coffee, oat milk, and a french press. With these three things, and a few household flavorings, you’ll make barista level lattes in no time.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics: making amazing black coffee with a french press. As a barista myself, I’m allowed to say this: if you don’t have your own coffee grinder, just buy pre-ground beans. You’ll see posts online and hear people say that pre-ground coffee is stale and won’t produce a nice cup of coffee. This is definitely true in a lot of cases, but french presses are very forgiving and will leave you with a solid cup of coffee almost every time.

If you have the privilege of owning a grinder, I suggest grinding your beans on the coarser side. Finer ground beans will get stuck in the filter, so the coarser the better.

Start by boiling water in your kettle, once your water is hot enough, pour a bit into the french press and swirl it around, this is done to preheat the french press. Then, put in your coffee grounds, about three heaping spoonfuls worth, and pour in enough water to fill ⅓ of the french press. Wait 30 seconds. Then stir the top of the water and add in more water to fill the next ⅓ of the french press. Wait 4 minutes, slowly push down the filter, and voila, perfect coffee.

Frothing the Milk

After pouring out your coffee, clean the french press making sure there are no left over grounds in the filter. Fill the french press about ⅓ of the way with oat milk (the milk will quadruple in size so you really don’t need to use much). Froth the milk by repeatedly pushing the filter down and pulling it back up. Do this as long as it takes to get the milk to your desired frothiness. Then, remove the filter and pour the milk into a small pot and heat on the stove for about a minute, or until it boils, whichever comes first.


The Flavors

French Lavender Latte

To make this latte simply follow the french press recipe above, but add two or three sprigs of lavender in with the ground coffee. The lavender will brew with the coffee just like tea, producing a lavender flavored coffee without all the sweetness of a syrup. If you do prefer your lattes sweeter, I suggest adding honey or agave to the coffee once it’s brewed.

When your coffee is done pour it into mugs, filling about ⅔ of the cup. Then clean out your french press and froth your milk. Pour the warm milk into the mugs to cover the coffee.

Cinnamon Honey Latte

Start by making plain black coffee in the french press. While it’s brewing, grab some mugs and squeeze in some honey or agave and add a healthy amount of cinnamon. Once the coffee is done, pour it into the mugs in a circular motion to mix the flavors together. Then clean out the french press and froth the milk. Once your milk is warm, pour it over the coffee and top with a dash of cinnamon.