First Steps to Zero Waste


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A few months before starting this blog all I did to reduce my waste was recycle. I thought I was helping the earth by actually taking the time to recycle, I mean, it was more than everyone else was doing and I was preventing waste from going to the landfill. But it turns out 25% of recycled items end up going to the landfill anyway. And on top of that, China recently decided to stop importing “foreign garbage” for processing, meaning much of American recycling is now sent to landfills. Read more about this new policy here and here.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, recycling can be really, really hard. It’s difficult to know what can or cannot be recycled, and sometimes just a speck of grease or scrap of food can contaminate a whole load of recycling. Personally, I felt like I was devoting a ton of time to recycling only to learn that most of my work was going to waste. I felt like no matter what I did I just kept hearing more and more news about our trash problem. Our oceans will soon contain more plastic than fish, over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than in the entire last century, almost 2 million animals are killed every year from trash, and let's not forget all of the horrifying pictures of trash covered beaches and oceans. The bottom line is that we have a trash issue and unless we start changing our lifestyles, even just a little bit, it’s only going to get worse.

photo curtesy

photo curtesy

If you’re like me you’ve been thinking of going zero waste for a long time, but you’re yet ready to take the plunge. For months I thought about ways to go zero waste, and I criticized others for using single-use plastic, when I myself was just as bad - if not worse, because I mean I actually knew the effects of my actions.

But then Ethan got me probably the cutest gift you could give your struggling-to-be-eco-friendly girlfriend: a zero waste starter kit. This was honestly just the push I needed. Complete with collapsible tupperware, reusable silverware in a convenient carry case, mason jars, reusable napkins, and even a small hydro flask perfect for coffee. These were all the items I had been dreaming of getting, I had often spent more time than necessary on Amazon and Pinterest searching for these exact items, but never taking the time to actually purchase them. However, once I had them it made my low-waste lifestyle soooo much easier.

After owning these items I’ve realized how easy it really is to reduce waste, and it’s encouraged me to buy even more items like straws and tumblers to reduce my waste even more. Little by little I’m getting better at reducing my waste and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today in this little journey if it weren’t for that initial push.

So that’s why I am beyond stoked to share something with you guys. I think it will be just the thing to give you the push you need to start going zero waste (or just to help you reduce waste in one aspect of your life).


GreenUP box is a monthly subscription to help you reduce your waste in major areas in your life. For just $39.95 a month you’ll get 4-6 beautiful eco-friendly items in a specially curated box that has a value of more than $70! Each month targets different areas of life so you can take this journey one step at a time. Ideally, this subscription should last 12 months, each box will target a new area until you are ready to go off on your own zero waste journey after a year with greenUP box!

Since they are launching in a few weeks I have yet to try their products, that’s why I am going to go on this journey along with you guys! Each month I’ll be reviewing their boxes and adding my own advice to go along with the items you’ll receive. These reviews will come out a week before the boxes ship out so it will give you plenty of time to decide whether or not you want that month's box (boxes ship out on the 27th of every month and as long as you order by the 20th you’ll get the box for that month)!

Speaking from experience this is the perfect way to start going zero-waste! It requires very little thought on your end and it’s way cheaper than it would be to buy all these items separately! So go cancel that netflix subscription, cut back on a few coffees and commit to finally going zero-waste! I’m super excited to take this journey with you guys in a few weeks!


P.S. you can learn more about greenUP box and what you'll receive from this subscription here.


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