How to be an Eco-friendly Student


As we (or at least I) head back to school I wanted to share with you how I try to be eco-friendly when buying school supplies and doing regular stundent-y things.


I’m just going to be honest with you, the whole reason I wanted to write a post about being eco-friendly as a student was so I could share these pencils with you. (And just to let you know, there are no affiliate links for these pencils, I just really like them). I know, weird, but I promise you these are the coolest pencils you will ever own. The Sprout Pencil has 9 different colors made from 100% clay and graphite and the pencil is made from sustainable cedar wood. Not only are they sustainable, these pencils also come with non-GMO seeds. So once you’re done using your pencil you can plant it and grow a cute little plant. I’m currently using my pencil with sunflower seeds and I’m so stoked to plant my seeds I find every chance I can to use my pencil.

Another way to reduce waste when it comes to pencils is to buy one really nice, sustainably made mechanical pencil. Now all you have to do is buy more lead, you won’t have to buy a whole new pencil every time it gets too small. Check out this pencil made from recycled materials!

If pencils aren’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of eco-friendly pen options as well. Honestly, these pens are a perfect option, they’re made from recycled milk cartons so you won’t have to worry about creating more plastic waste. (Also this company, Onyx and Green, has a ton of other eco-friendly school supplies! You can check them out on Amazon or their website).

When it comes to pens and pencils there are two very important things to remember: 1. Although my personal pen collection would tell you otherwise, you really don’t need 33 pens and 18 highlighters. A couple of each is seriously enough. 2. Look for items that are made from recycled materials, this way you won’t create more plastic waste through your purchases and you’ll be supporting companies that hold similar values as you do.  


Before writing this post I thought that using recycled paper would just scream hippie when I turned in my assignments, but much to my surprise paper technology is a lot more advanced than I would have guessed. Almost every major store such as Target and Walmart sell their own version of recycled printer paper, and it looks just like any normal printer paper! It’s even still around the same price as regular printer paper!


College is honestly one of the easiest times to start using reusable containers. Most on campus food comes in the form of salad bars and buffets making it super easy to just say no to the disposable container and ask to use your own. Also, if you need any more convincing, I seriously often get my meals for free when I bring my own container, sometimes the student worker is hyped that I’m avoiding waste, other times they’re just confused and don’t know what to do with me, but either way free food for me.


Honestly, the best, and easiest, way to be eco friendly as a student is to just avoid experiences or items that lead to more waste. You don’t have to say yes to every free item that’s given to you at job fairs, and it’s okay to say no to single use, disposable items.

If you’ve already conquered these small steps to becoming an eco-friendly student and you want to continue on this quest to save the world, I encourage you to stay up to date on the blog. I’m a college student too, so everything on this blog is 100% doable as a student!


How have you made your daily schedule more sustainable? 


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