Propagating Plants


If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen that I love going to plant swaps! They're one of my favorite events to go to. Essentially, it's just a place where you can bring your dying plants, plants you have too many of, or just plants you're ready to move on from. Then you can swap them out for plants that others have brought! It's honestly great!

Now that I've started getting new plants from these plant swaps I've decided I should start taking better care of my plants. Just a quick backstory for you: in the past two years I have probably bought around 10 plants, all of which died within months. And we're taking succulents, not even hard plants to keep alive! Moral of the story is I am an awful plant mom, but it's time to change this. 

I'm not going to try to tell you how to properly care for your plants (because we all know I'm not very qualified) but I am going to share with you how to propagate plants! This way you can keep growing new baby plants - perfect for swapping at plant swaps! So let's get to it:

How to

the process is relatively simple, it just takes a lot of patience. First, you'll want to carefully remove all of the leaves below your desired rosette (the top part of a succulent) so that you have a long stem. then cut this stem to your desired length at a 45-degree angle (this will maximize the root surface area).

Allow the cutting to dry and callous, this will take about a day. Now you can either place your clipping in moist, well-draining soil or place the clipping on top of the soil. Over time the cutting will start to grow roots! Once a healthy amount of roots form you can plant your baby succulent if you haven't already. 


If you're propagating plants other than succulents then you can also place them in a jar of water after letting them callous, this seems to work well, especially for large plants.


Place some well-draining soil, watered just a little bit, in a mason jar, then plant one of your succulents. Seal the lid and place in a warm area with a bit of sunlight, your jar will act like a greenhouse and will create the perfect environment for a baby succulent. 


You can also achieve this same sort of effect by placing a plastic bag around your pot and placing in a bit of sunlight! This works well if you want to plant your succulents straight into a specific pot.

Finally, make sure to only water your succulents occasionally and don't place in direct sunlight. Succulents should be watered about every two weeks and should be in a warm area with only a little sun. 

I hope you enjoy your new baby succulents and I hope to see you at a plant swap soon!

Any Plant Tips?

I would absolutely love any tips on propagating and caring for plants (since I'm the worst). Know of any upcoming plant swaps in your area? Make sure to post about them below so others can join!


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