Best Vegan Restaurants from Sydney to Melbourne


Okay, the Sydney to Melbourne thing is a bit of a lie; I was only in Australia for two weeks (someone please take me back) and I went as far north as Port Douglas and as far south as Apollo Bay. But basically this is a compilation of my favorite food from Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, and The Great Ocean Road!

Melbourne, Vic

My Favorite: Grace Café, Fitzroy


Grace Café is honestly one of my favorite restaurants I’ve ever been to. The location is prime and both the inside and outside dining areas are super cute! It’s not an entirely vegan menu (which is great if you’re traveling with non-vegans), but they have tons of vegan and vegetarian options! We got the Avocado Toast with macadamia feta, the Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumpets, and the Coconut Chia Pudding. They also have wonderful coffee and pastry options if you’re looking for a quick breakfast. If you ever find yourself in Melbourne you absolutely must make your way over to Fitzroy to try out Grace Café!

top melbourne restaurants

Gong De Lin, Chinatown - Gong De Lin is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant located right in the hear of Chinatown. It’s on the third floor up a sketch little elevator, but once you get up I promise you it’s so worth it! The service and food were both incredible! The only weird part about this restaurant was that they add a lot of vegetarian “meat” to their dishes. If you go, make sure to ask for all veggies, no meat.

The Alley LuJiaoXiang, Chinatown - This isn’t exactly a restaurant, nor is it vegan, but it still deserves to make this list. If you try out Gang De Lin then take a short walk through Chinatown to find The Alley for some late night milk tea. They don’t have alternative milk options which is a big bummer, but they have amazing tea!


More reasons to love Fitzroy

a list of other restaurants I was not able to try for myself but were recommended to me by many locals (all of which happen to be located in Fitzroy):


Vegie Bar

Girls & Boys (for vegan desserts)

Smith & Deli

The Great Ocean Road, VIC

My Favorite: Onda food House, Airyes Inlet


Visiting Onda Food House was probably the best way to start off our trip down the Great Ocean Road! As far as I know, their menu is ever changing, but we got vegan pancakes, the yogi bowl, and a pumpkin burger. It was all some of the best food I have ever had. If you’re down for something a little more lunchy than brunchy then definitely try the pumpkin burger. It was seriously one of the best vegan burgers I’ve ever had! Plus it was stacked full of veggies so you feel great after eating it (something that cannot be said of a lot of burgers)!

As if the food wasn’t enough, the location was beyond ideal – especially for an American in Australia for the first time. It was straight off the Great Ocean Road in a beautiful location, and we even saw a kangaroo off in the distance as we were eating! The next time you find yourself driving along the Great Ocean Road make sure you make your way up to Airyes Inlet to visit this beautiful place.

Top Great ocean road stops


Dooley’s Ice Cream, Apollo Bay - We found this place a bit by accident when we stopped in Apollo Bay in search for ice cream. Turns out, Dooley’s Ice Cream is world famous and has won countless awards for its ice cream. Although their chocolate ice cream is not vegan, it has won the best chocolate ice cream for years on end and I have been told it was the best ice cream ever. On a more vegan note, their raspberry sorbet won awards in 2016 and let me tell you it was amazing.

RAWR bar, Apollo Bay - Another great reason to stop off in Apollo Bay. RAWR bar has vegan cheezecake, smoothies, and buddha bowls. it’s the perfect place to grab a dessert or meal and take it out to eat by the beach!

Sydney, NSW

My Favorite: Gathered Kitchen, Glebe


I’m sensing a theme here because all of my favorite places so far have been brunch places…so maybe that’s a bit unfair to the other restaurants, but I promise you Gathered Kitchen totally deserves it’s spot as the best vegan spot in Sydney! It has one of the most extensive menus I have ever seen at a vegan restaurant, they have everything from avocado toasts to buttermilk pancakes to croissant ice cream sandwiches. And one of the best parts is that almost everything is Refined Sugar Free! Which was very convenient for me since I gave it up this month.

We ordered the Avocado Smash, the Pandan Lemongrass Pancakes (with both coconut and chocolate ice cream on top), the Fruit Dose Pancakes, and the Gathered Bowl. I’m a sucker for vegan pancakes and waffles because I feel deprived, but honestly I almost wish I had more of the savory dishes as well because it was all so so good! (Also make sure to check out The Cruelty Free Shop, a vegan grocery store right down the road from Gathered Kitchen)


My Second favorite

Preach Café, Bondi Beach - So this one was so so close to making it as my favorite spot, but I didn’t go for brunch so of course it couldn’t make it. Although I went for dinner, Preach Café is home to world famous Vegan Pancakes. And although I did not get the chance to try them, if their anything like the rest of their food then they should indeed be worthy of their world famous title. I got some vegan mac ‘n cheese which was actually amazing! And the burgers and bowls are super yummy as well. Preach Café is definitely the best place to go for vegan food in Bondi Beach.


An extensive list of vegan food in Sydney

Hari’s Vegetarian

Lentil as Anything

Funky Pies

Speedo’s Cafe

Searock Grill (very meat oriented, but has vegan options)


Cairns, QLD

my favorite: Cafe Fresq, Port Douglas

Cafe Fresq is not strictly vegan, but almost everything on their menu can be altered to be vegan friendly. We got the Coconut Chia Pudding and the Smashed Avo Bruschetta, both of which were wonderful. The chia pudding came with an insane amount of fresh fruit and nuts which was super refreshing! And the avocado toast had a ton of avocado with a unique flavor which I loved!


All of these places were an absolute joy to visit and I enjoyed every bite! I hope this list can help you find great food while you’re in Australia (and I hope it encourages you to visit these beautiful cities)!

Look Yummy?

Which restaurant looks the best to you? Do you have any other suggestions?


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