Plastic Free Showers with Plaine Products


*The products mentioned in this post were gifted*

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but did you know that as a human race we dump almost 9 MILLION TONS of plastic into our oceans every? That’s like one entire garbage truck full of plastic dumping trash into the ocean every minute. If every person in LA county dropped an entire ton of plastic into the ocean it would barely amount to the amount of plastic the world put into the ocean in a year. If the entire population of Las Vegas, Nevada each hired a garbage truck to dumb plastic straight into the ocean, we would barely make it to the same amount of plastic. And that’s only for one year.

I did the math and if we account for the 7.5 billion humans on the earth and my nearly 21 years of life,


“I personally have contributed around 50 pounds of plastic that are now in the ocean”


That doesn’t even account for the plastic and other waste I create that ends up in landfills and recycling centers. But even still, 50 pounds is a shocking number (like, think about how light a plastic bottle is…it takes about 50 water bottles to equal just one pound)!

I know I’ve said it a thousand times before, but you guys, we must stop using so much plastic! I know the easy answer is to buy a reusable water bottle and maybe start using a few more mason jars – but what about the items that seem ‘impossible’ to replace. That’s right, I’m talking about all those bathroom necessities.

Honestly, I thought you had to be a hard core plastic free freak (no offense) to have a plastic free bathroom, but I basically accomplished it very recently. I wrote a bit about how GreenUp Box helped me out with this, but let me tell you about the biggest swap I made: my shampoo and conditioner.

Almost all shampoo and conditioner come in very gross plastic packaging and most of us sadly don’t even attempt to recycle them when we’re finished. Most of this comes from our knowledge that recycling items with residue still in them is not ideal, so we just opt to skip the whole process in general. But quick side note to those of you still finishing off your plastic bottles: You’re already in the shower when you use up your shampoo bottles so just use the shower water to clean out the bottles when you’re still in the shower.


“I honestly think we’re making this process way harder than it has to be”


But we all know recycling shouldn’t be our first line of defense. We should attack the problem at it’s source: it’s time to stop using plastic in out showers altogether. About a month ago, I was running low on my shampoo and conditioner and I knew I needed to start researching more eco-friendly options for my hair care before I was tempted to run to the drug store to just buy any old soap in a plastic container. It was either now or in a few months when my new plastic bottle began to run out…so I started doing all the research I could. And that’s when I found – you guessed it – Plaine Products.


Before beginning my research, I thought using shampoo bars or those little dehydrated shampoo pellets was the only way I could eliminate plastic from my shower, and that was something I was very much not looking forward to. I knew I needed a normal shampoo and conditioner that would be both great for my hair and the planet. Plaine Products provided both of those things.

They have wonderful products that work and smell amazing and they come in these wonderful metal containers which can be sent back once they run out! When you notice you’re low, order some refills and then you can send your old containers back in the same box! You can even sign up for a subscription so you’ll never have to worry about a last minute soap runs to the drug store.

As you know, I’m a huge advocate for supporting companies that believe in the same things as me. I really believe that Plaine Products is doing big things to change our world'‘s plastic problem and I am so excited to be supporting them. When I first told Ethan about Plaine Products he immediately said “consider me a lifetime subscriber” and I feel the exact same way.


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