The Health of Plastic


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We talk a lot on the blog and in the eco-friendly community about the effects of plastic on the earth. Giving up our use of plastic due to environmental effects is great, but have we ever thought about the effects it may be having on our bodies? Plastic is actually super unhealthy for us, so why do we still use it?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention BPA has been found in nearly every person they tested, meaning plastic leaches into our food and drinks from the plastic containers we put them in. Although there is little known about the effects of BPA, it has been found to have negative effects on the reproduction system. Other harmful chemicals found in plastics have been found in both the tissue and blood of test subjects and has been linked to birth defects, cancer, and impaired immunity. Although both the cause and effect may come in small doses, our consumption of plastic is ever growing, and therefore, these effects will keep rising.


So how can we decrease the health hazards of plastic? The most obvious answer is to switch out everyday plastic items for reusable, metal, glass or bamboo items. Think of how many coffee cups and water bottles we drink from everyday. Buying a reusable water bottle and coffee cup can greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer or other health issues from plastic!

Another huge way BPA gets into our bodies is through to go containers (especially when they contain hot food). So buying glass or metal containers and asking to have food placed in those instead of plastic containers is a great habit to start making (one I’m still not great at).

Reducing our plastic consumption isn’t just about the planet, it should be about our own health too. That’s why it’s super important to use glass and metal items as often as you can! Even the smallest change can greatly decrease the amount of plastic in your body.


This month GreenUp Box is sending out a wonderful away of plastic free necessities. From plastic free lip balm and lotion to a charcoal water filter, this month’s box is filled with small ways to decrease everyday plastic. If you haven’t yet signed up, this is a wonderful way to liberate yourself from plastic! If you’re not into buying the whole box, I’d still encourage you to find your own ways to decrease plastic in your life – for the earth and your body!


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