Composting without Worms (inside!!)


About a year ago I posted about how to compost in an apartment, however, that post included buying worms which then posed a whole other problem of said worms rapidly reproducing which became a bit annoying at least for me. So when my last compost bin was stolen (lol) and I got a brand spankin’ new one I decided to try something a bit different. I did a lot of research on composting indoors and without worms, but for some reason it didn’t seem possible to compost in a bin without worms.


So I took what I had learned from a few different websites and decided to make something up myself. So today we’re going to learn how to compost in a blender – you heard me right, a blender.

Now, really we’re just going to blend our food and then add it into our compost bin so I guess we aren’t really composting in a blender, we’re just putting our compost into our blender.


Anyways, let’s get to it: the basic idea is pretty much the same as normal compost. I used the frozen food scraps I put in my freezer and just let them thaw out a bit before I added them into the blender (make sure you have a high powered blender, I used my vitamix). Blend them into a thick slush (adding water if needed) but don’t let it get to a liquid.

Meanwhile, you’ll need to find your brown matter. It’s important to use dirt from outside – especially when composting without worms – because the dirt will have small insects and organisms that will help break down the food matter. You’ll also want to get a lot of leaves or paper/cardboard since your green matter will be fairly wet. In this case, the more brown matter the better!

Start with the brown matter in your compost bin then pour in the green matter from the blender. Use a large fork or spatula to mix all of the contents together. In about two months you’ll have compost ready for your garden! Just make sure to mix it nearly every other day and always add more brown matter if it starts too look too wet.

So there ya go! I hope this blender composting helps you out with all your indoor composting needs!

How’d it go?

Did you try it out? I’d love to know how it went!


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