5 Ways to Love the Earth for 1 Day


Saving the earth can be a really really daunting task, but what if you were only saving the earth for one day? You should never feel as if saving the world is impossible just because there are so many things we need to do – instead, just focus on one thing for one day to help in the effort.

We don’t need all of humanity to go vegan or waste-free or emit zero CO2, we need a ton of people to just do their best to love the earth, whether that’s for one day or multiple, it all helps!

Plus, I have done most of these things on the list for an entire day and once I realized how easy it could be I implemented a lot of them into my everyday life. I walk a lot more now when I only need to go short distances, I’m vegan now (after a slow process), and I try really hard to be as low-waste as I can be! Check out this list and see what works best for you!

  1. Try avoiding transportation for a day, opt to ride a bike or walk everywhere for one day – it can help you realize how easy it can be to walk to places nearby! (Carpooling can be a great way to reduce emissions as well)!

  2. Try going cow-free for one day. Giving up cow products can have almost the same environmental impact as going vegan! Switching to chicken instead of beef, or alternative milk instead of dairy can be a super simple step to saving the earth!

  3. Go vegan for just one day to help reduce your carbon emissions. Veganism can be scary, but knowing it’s only for a day can make it a lot easier! (Before I went vegan I would just go one day at a time eating vegan and it made me feel like I was doing so much for the environment on that day).

  4. Commit to going waste-free for one day (or maybe a week)! Try carrying around a mason jar to keep your trash in, it can be a great way to see where your trash is coming from!

  5. Go a whole day without electricity! Try using sunlight, spend more time outside, or do work in a coffee shop instead of at home to decrease the amount of electricity you use in a day!

    What About You?

    How will you save the earth this Earth day?


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