Eco-Friendly Traveling


Traveling is one of my all time favorite hobbies. I know it’s definitely the one thing I do that has the most environmental impact, but I think it is super duper important to get out and see the world. So I wanted to share with you a few ways I decrease my environmental impact while traveling!

  1. Make Up Cloths

Make up remover cloths can contribute tons of waste into our landfills every year. And with their convenience, it can be even more tempting to bring them with you on vacation. However, brands like Makeup Eraser and Erase your Face have super awesome products that remove makeup and cleanse your face using only water! These products can help you reduce your use of makeup wipes and face soap!


2. Bring Your Own Soap

Those small little soap containers they give you in hotels can be so so awful for the environment. Hotels in the U.S. alone throw out over 2 million bars of soap EVERY DAY and that’s only bar soaps, not the plastic bottles. Many people stay at hotels for only a few days, not staying long enough to use up the soaps and thus leaving half empty plastic bottles for the hotel to just throw away. So how can we fight this waste? Well, it’s simple, just bring your own and don’t open the soaps the hotel provides! I use refillable plastic bottles to pour my regular shampoo and conditioner into to bring along with me.

I used plastic bottles because I wasn’t able to find any metal ones, but I’m saving a ton of plastic by reusing these plastic ones! I also repurposed a squirty bottle and filled it up with my Carina Organics hairspray so I could take a little bit with me!

Just be creative! Look around in your bathroom for old bottles you could repurpose by filling with soap!


3. Pack Light!

I huge part of the negative environmental impact of traveling comes from the sheer weight of the plane, car, or train traveling. By packing light and only taking the essentials you can decrease the weight of your vehicle and thus decrease the fuel needed to power it!

A few tips: I bring a lot of scarves and ascots with me. They’re easy to pack and you can wear them with the same shirt, but it will look like a whole new outfit! Shoes are also super heavy, so try to limit your shoe selection. I usually just bring some sandals and a nice pair of white sneakers that will go with most of my outfits!


4. Don’t Forget the Essentials

Even though you’re on vacation, there’s still a few things we will all do: eat and drink. Don’t forget to pack your water bottle, coffee mug, metal straws, and maybe even reusable utensils! Chances are, you’ll have even less time to sit down and drink a coffee and you’ll be eating out a lot more while on vacation, so remembering reusable items can be even more important!


What do you bring?

I’d love to hear your tips for traveling eco-friendly as well!


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