Super Easy Nut Milk Recipe!


I’ve been putting off making my own nut milk because I always though it would be too much work and too expensive. However, this weekend I decided to try making it and I was so please with the results! Sure, they are a bit more expensive to make than to buy, but they seriously taste SOOOOO much better than the stuff I buy at the store and they can really help you reduce your waste!


This recipe can be used for any kind of nut you would like to use to make your milk, but only some of the nuts will need to be strained (see below).

So let’s get to it: first off, you’ll need to soak your nuts, each nut will need to be soaked for a different amount of time, here’s a few:

Almonds: 12 hours (I usually let them sit overnight), needs to be strained

Macadamias: 8 hours, needs to be strained

Hazelnuts: 12 hours, needs to be strained

Cashews: 6 hours, does not need to be strained (You can skip number 3)

How to:

1.Strain your soaked nuts and rinse thoroughly.


2. Place the nuts into a blender and mix 1 part nuts to 2.5 parts water, then blend on high until fully combined. Note: The less water you add the thicker/creamier your milk will be. (Most recipes online will say 1 part nuts to 3 parts water, but I have found that this makes the milk far too water and it looses its taste. So I would recommend 2.5 parts water or less.)

3. You can also add flavoring and sweeteners such as vanilla extract, dates, or berries!

4. Place a nut milk bag inside a large bowl then pour the milk into the bag. Once in, cinch the bag and begin squeezing out all of the liquid.

IMG_2774 (1).jpg

5. Once satisfied, pour the milk into a jug and store in the fridge for up to 3 days!




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