Eating Vegan in Seattle


I was born and raised in Seattle, but it wasn’t until I moved to California that I realized how lucky I was to have lived there for 18 years, especially now that I’m a vegan. Seattle is by far one of the most vegan friendly cities in America and I am so excited to share with you my favorite places to eat in the greater Seattle area! It was hard to chose only a few so I’ve broken down my favorite places for a meal and dessert in five different areas near Seattle.

Pike Place Market

Sister’s European café

There is one all vegan sandwich called the Nasruddin with hummus, baked eggplant, olive paste, and roma tomatoes. It’s super duper good and the whole ambience of Sister’s European Café is very cute and will transport you to Europe for the few minutes you sit there eating your yummy vegan sandwich.


Cinnamon Works

This little bakery is right across the street from the fish market making it super easy to find! The best part is their extensive vegan options. They have snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, lemon poppy seed scones, Annie’s vegan cookies, and vegan maple cinnamon rolls. As can be guessed from the name Cinnamon Works, their maple cinnamon roll is by far the best pastry they have!


Bainbridge Island


I don’t even know how to describe how wonderful Bruciato is. I mean, first of all, you cut your own pizza using special pizza scissors, how sick is that? And they have two completely vegan pizzas on their menu. The Vegano is complete with vegan cheese and all the veggies you could dream of, so naturally we got the Marinara pizza; a simple pizza with roasted garlic, Italian seasoning and the best dang pizza sauce I have ever consumed. But honestly I dream of this little pizza everyday and I can’t wait to go back to Bainbridge to eat here again.



Bainbridge Island thoroughly surprised my with it’s immense vegan options. Blackbird Bakery is all vegetarian and had a few vegan options including this vegan chocolate applesauce loaf. While we’re on the subject of bakeries, there is also a bakery down the street called Coquette Bake Shop that also offers a few delicious vegan cookies. Honestly, just walk in any bakery on Bainbridge and it seems as if you will find some vegan options!

P.S. Bruciato and the two bakeries are walking distance from the ferry terminal so you don’t even have to bring your car to the island if you don’t want to! You’ll find tons of stuff to do on your walk as well.


Alki Beach

Blue Moon Burgers

I heard Blue Moon Burgers described as “the most American place in Alki” by some guy walking by and, honestly, yeah I agree. It’s located across the street from the beach in what looks like a renovated gas station and I am completely here for the aesthetic. But the best part? They have three (three!!!) different vegan patties on their build your own menu and two vegan burgers on their signature burger menu. Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned American burger (especially as a vegan) and Blue Moon Burgers definitely satisfied this craving.


Frankie & Jo’s

Frankie and Jo’s has been in a mission since 2016 to radically change the way we view ice cream – and it’s working. They create delicious seasonal flavors each month showcasing local and seasonal produce and they have a wonderful everyday ice cream which stays consistent. They are 100% vegan and gluten free and they have the absolute most amazing ice cream you will ever have – vegan or non-vegan.

P.S. The shop in Alki is a pop up shop (for now) which means it is leaving in the end of summer 2019, but they have two other locations and the Capital Hill location happens to be right next to the Capital Hill location of Blue Moon Burgers so you can enjoy this beautiful pairing in another location



Wayward vegan cafe

Greenlake only gets one restaurant because this is the only place you need to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Wayward has everything from french toast and waffles to omelets and tostadas to sandwiches and burritos. I only recently discovered this gem (about a month ago) and I have been back three times since and I fall in love with it even more every time. This is my favorite spot to go when I’m craving true vegan brunch or comfort food.


How was it?

Have you tried any of these restaurants? Do you have any other suggestions?


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