Vote for Ethical


This world has a lot of problems. And sometimes that can be disheartening and scary and discouraging. This can cause us to feel as if we can’t do anything so we just sit back and watch other people destroy our planet. But it is so so so important to remember that every action we take contributes either positively or negatively to our environment and the people and animals on it.

It may not seem like it, but every single purchase you make truly has an affect on our world. We often think to ourselves What difference does it make if one more person buys a leather jacket or a fur rug or a shirt made with slave labor. But your money really is your vote, companies pay attention to what sells and create products accordingly. So it is so so important that we use our money to vote ethically.

A few months ago, I posted a few photos on instagram highlighting the ethics of fashion, focusing on slave labor and the environmental impact of our clothing. I saw these pictures again a few days ago and I thought that these issues really need more recognition than just a few posts on instagram. We really need to be talking more about where we spend our money – because that is truly how we show what we believe. If we say one thing but then act another (by buying certain products), then we really don’t believe what we say we do.

If I were to ask you how you feel about slave labor I’m sure you would say that you don’t agree with it and that anyone who supports slave owners is despicable. And if I were to ask you to kill a cow or a sheep yourself in order to make yourself a jacket or sweater, I doubt that would be your preferred way of getting that sweater. And, finally, since you’re reading this blog about sustainability, I’m assuming you would also be against dumping tons of chemicals and pesticides into our water ways.

Yet we all still purchase all of these items that contribute to these unethical practices.

I’m writing this because I too am honestly the worst when it comes with being ethical about spending my money. I try to post about the ethical clothes I buy or the eco-friendly products I use, but then no one sees the unethical ways I spend my money.

You all know I am very passionate about the environment and animal rights – otherwise I wouldn’t have this blog! I am also very passionate about human rights and modern day slavery is one of these issues I am working to fight. There are over 40 million slaves in the world at this very moment (400,000 of which are slaves in the US - it’s happening all around the world, right under our noses). I donate money and time to anti-human trafficking organizations in an attempt to fight slavery. But then I turn right around and buy clothing from fast fashion organizations and companies that use animal products or dirty cotton. I’ve spent wayyy more money supporting fast fashion and unethical brands than I have donated to help stop slavery or climate change.

So the question is: what do I truly believe?

How can I say I’m against human trafficking when I support one of the biggest users of slave labor? How can I claim to be an environmental activist when I buy cotton t-shirts or even plastic water bottles?

It’s time we start supporting companies with fair wages and working conditions. It’s time we start supporting companies that value our earth and everything on it. Someone else’s loss should not be our gain.

So this week I want to encourage you to be inconvenienced and go out of your way to buy ethical, eco-friendly products.


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