GreenUp box Collaboration


As you probably already know, I would never ever partner with or suggest my readers use a company I don't already know and love. However, when I first heard about  GreenUp box I knew it was something I wanted to feature on my blog. I reached out to them in hopes of learning more about their new company and to talk about a potential one-time collaboration (I was expecting to just tell you guys about them in a blog post and maybe on Instagram a few times). 

But then I talked to GreenUp box founder Jayme and I knew this would be a long-term collaboration. We each have similar values when it comes to living eco-friendly and GreenUp box fits perfectly into the dōt philosophy. She knew that most people need an extra push to start their zero-waste lifestyle. She had a similar experience to mine, she wanted to make changes to be more eco-friendly, but found it difficult to make that first step and finally buy the products she needs. She took this problem and made a solution that will help so many people!

It is so so important to me that as environmentally conscious  bloggers or influencers or business owners we all support each other and work together. We are all working towards the same goal of helping the earth, so why not get as many people as we can to work together?

Anyways, back to the collaboration itself: to be perfectly transparent with you guys I will be getting my boxes for free. But I am not required to give GreenUp box positive reviews. Anything I say in this series of posts is completely voluntary and it will be my honest thoughts and opinions. Again, I would never tell you to buy anything that I would not be willing to spend my own money on. 

That being said, I think GreenUp box's business model is brilliant and I am so excited to share them with you! For the next 12 months I will be writing posts about learning to go zero-waste one step at a time. And the best part? I'll be learning right along side you! Waste is the one part of my life where I am honestly just not very eco-friendly and it's something that I will need to learn slowly. I hope that by this time next year we can all be a huge step closer to living zero-waste! And I think a huge part of that will be because of GreenUp box helping us conquer a new area of our lives each month!